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A Full Service Digital Marketing

& Technology Company

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We Love Digital Marketing & Technology

And we help build brands people care about
Everything we do is centered around helping good companies succeed by creating engaging & useful digital experiences for their customers and prospects.
Savvas Xanthopoulos

We are a full-service hybrid digital marketing and technology company – which means we’re a one-stop shop for all your digital needs

Invisibility on the internet is a fate much worse than failure. Modern websites need to be bold in order to stand out from the pack. We're nothing if not bold! Let us help you get your message to the masses!

67% B2B companies that blog
generate 67% more leads
60% 60% of consumers feel more positive
about a brand after consuming its content
2X B2B companies who use Twitter
generate twice as many leads
110% We believe in over delivering
with a 110% commitment to your brand

What we do

Digital Strategy & Branding

Your brand will be infused with differentiation through our brand purpose and name development. With a clear understanding behind the purpose of your brand we will create a strategic digital plan as the foundation for your digital success.

Local SEO

Whether you have one business location or ten thousand, we'll ensure your physical business locations receive a growing amount of targeted foot traffic.

We'll create a strategy specific to your brand and manage everything for you.

Design & Web Development

Engage with your audience through custom designed responsive web properties focused on usability and brand. We'll craft elegant solutions to match your functional requirements. We also specialize in logo/collateral design.

Mobile App Development

Let us help you build your next killer mobile application for your brand. We’ll help you refine your requirements as we deliver agile and lean. We even understand how to design habit-forming apps that keep users engaged and constantly coming back for more. Now that’s exciting!

Analytics & Business Intelligence

We all love data, we use it everyday. We’ll design a strategy based on business requirements before we begin tagging everything. But we won’t just automate reports and walk away, we will continuously help you extract meaningful business insights.


When it comes to digital marketing and technology consulting we are passionate about providing our clients with the most elegant, efficient and sustainable solutions. We are truly humbled that our expertise is regularly used to drive multimillion dollar projects which deliver amazing and sustainable results.

Enterprise Search Consulting & Implementations
Local Search Optimization & Campaign Management
Ecommerce Search Design & Implementation
Information Architecture Strategy & Design

What Makes Us Different

And why we are not just another digital shop

We Breathe Innovation

Innovation is the reason we jump out of bed each morning. Albert Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you're looking to stand out from the pack and take your results to the next level you need to work with a parter that understands the value of innovation. Is your company looking for that creative/innovative spark? We can help!


We're Lean & Mean

OK, maybe not mean, but we're certainly lean in everything we do. Bigger agencies means bigger overhead which, in turn, means you need to spend more money for the same results. Our obsession with remaining lean will save you time and money.


We Are Ninja's

Our team is made up of people that are passionate about their craft. Passionate people become experts and produce excellent results. It's a prerequisite of being on the SavvaSSynthesis team! Let us help you optimize your digital properties. Call us today!

Our Story

It all started back in September of 2001,
when a passion for the burgeoning field of digital optimization and a love for the game of football brought together two unlikely people.

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Pricing Model

We created a transparent pricing model,
because we believe in integrity and transparency in business and in life.

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